Name Sophie
Age: 32
Status: Single
Occupation: Civil Servant
Location: Manchester, U.K.
Height: 5’9″
Starting weight: 151lbs
Current weight: 129lbs
Starting dress size: 12
Current dress size: 8

The Lifestyle

I never considered myself “fat” but I did live an indulgent lifestyle throughout my twenties. I had a busy and active social life, went out drinking a lot which inevitably lead to making bad food choices.


I was eating out all the time, drinking quite regularly and as a result, I was feeling sluggish, unfit and in need of a serious change.

The change

I decided it was time to get in shape, so I signed up at the gym and that’s when I met Simon.


I had done a few stints at the gym before, usually sticking to cardio workouts as I always thought this was the best way to burn fat but I never felt like I changed anywhere near as much as I wanted to.


Simon helped me build a new exercise routine which focussed a lot more on weight and resistance training, which I quickly started to see great results with.

I never felt like I changed anywhere near as much as I wanted to.

I also stopped telling myself I would start eating healthy and work out on Monday to justify having a lazy, junk-filled weekend. I realized that if I wanted to make a change, I had to start that day.


I began meal prepping on Sundays, ditched the fast food and sugary snacks and went for healthy snacks like celery and hummus. I got back to the gym and did workouts that challenged my body in a totally new and different way. I lifted weights and did intervals on the treadmill. What began as two or three gym sessions a week became five.

I stopped telling myself I would start eating healthy and work out on Monday.

After 6 months, I had lost 14lbs of body fat, but not only that, I had increased my muscle tone and definition all over my body and finally attained that lean, toned look that I had always wanted but never felt was achievable. Now, training and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet has become a way of life, I absolutely love it and continue to improve every day!