Name Holly
Age: 24
Status: Single
Occupation: Manager
Location: Manchester, U.K.
Height: 5’3″
Starting weight: 150 lbs
Current weight: 119 lbs
Starting waist size: 34″
Current waist size: 28″

The Lifestyle

I always thought I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle. I would go to the gym on and off, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week, then I’d have a week or 2 off. I was always busy with work so would often go most of the day without eating and then eat a big meal (often takeaways) when I got home.

The problem was, although I was going to the gym and trying to stay in shape, I’d have a good week and lose a pound or 2, then I’d slack off for a week, find those pounds again and sometimes gain even more.

I seemed to be caught in a never-ending cycle of losing weight and then gaining it again, and never felt like I was making any real progress.

The change

I decided to seek some advice and got talking to Simon. He quickly showed me where I had been going wrong, and although I had been putting hours in at the gym already, he showed me how to get so much more out of the time I spent there.


He showed me new workouts and replaced the long (and looking back, very boring) cardio workouts with full-body weights sessions, HIIT training and interval training.

All of a sudden, I was spending half the time in the gym that I was previously, but seeing far better results.

Simon showed me where I had been going wrong.

He also showed me where I had been going wrong with my nutrition. I expected him to put me on some horrible, calorie-restrictive diet that would effectively put a stop to my social life until I’d reached my goal weight, but he didn’t.

Instead, he helped me make subtle changes to my eating habits, one step at a time, that were a lot easier to follow than I thought, and didn’t require me to sacrifice absolutely everything I enjoyed.

The changes started happening fast!.

The changes started happening fast, and in the first month of following Simon’s exercise and nutritional advice, I had made more progress than I had in the entire year before. After just 3 months I had lost over 2 stone and not only that, but I could see muscle tone all over my body, which is something I had never had before. Simon helped me embrace a healthier lifestyle and now I will never go back to the way I was before!